Christchurch's only specialist silk retailer

 Finally opened on Monday the 3rd of August 1998

Finally Closed February 2002

 Practical silk clothing at sensible prices!

from 92 Victoria Street Christchurch New Zealand

then to:

 Worcester Chambers
69 Worcester Boulevard
New Zealand

Now moved to a new location!

Now at

151 High Street   Christchurch   New Zealand

Tel:  +64 3 928 2928    Fax:  +64 3 329 1069   Mobile:  + 64 21 997798

 *   Shirts, Blouses, Scarves, Ties, Underwear, Lingerie, Jackets and more   *

OPEN every afternoon till 6
(5 on weekends)

Most items in store are 100% natural silk fibre


June 2001

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