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If you would like to have me help you sell your property you can speed things up by downloading the listing form and listing authority (links below)


fill them out (either by typing (better!) or by hand) and fax them back to the office at 


FAX: 03 343 2746


Email the filled in forms back to me and post the signed original

The listing Authority is for a sole agency.  Remember a sole agency with Harcourts is like a general agency with another company - only better because Harcourts sales staff share all their listings  anyway - we have over 400 Sales people in Christchurch!


Remember the more information you can give us the better it looks once we get your listing published on the website, but if there are any parts you don't get, (re: filling out the form) don't worry as long as we can get the gist of your property and get the ball rolling!


I will need to come and take some digital photos to put on the web too, however if you have any that you would like us to use we would only be too happy to do so


To view click on the links below. If you like you can type directly from your computer, to fill them out (you may sometimes want to use the tab key for the underlined parts).

  listing form
  listing authority




Feel free to contact me at any time!

International Tel: +64 3 348 0922    Fax: +64 3 343 2746     

Mobile: + 64 21 99 7798



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