The Chook House

Finally finished Wednesday 6 August 2008


 Fight with the Hedgehog


The front and middle legs are from an old power pole - they may look a bit dozy but inside they're like steel - nails bend when hammered in....


Back window was found in a shed on the property, slightly cracked so not good for much else...


I will be putting anti-vermin belts around the tops of the legs to slow them down (rats etc) - the stairs are removable



Although it looks as if it may take off in the first wind, the floor is morticed into each pole, the poles are in about a metre or so underground (with feet) and the roof will be wired on as well as the multitude of screws used at present. The key is that the place is so sheltered anyway that hardly anything happens around it anyway - even in a gale






The lonely boy next door - a free ranging White Sussex, so hopefully I can find one or two of those as hens... no doubt he'll be over when he hears the call ("I've laid an egg - come do me!") so might as well breed true. Would like to have some chickens around the place too :-)

Picked up eight chooks from friends on the night of the 12th of August, the next day - "Big Chook" from next door was over crowing his head off!... since then we've let them out today - the 19th of August and its been fine... interestingly this big boy from next door still struts home to roost while our hens sleep here!

That was until 4 days ago, we've since found out his name's Norman! Now Norman sleeps here, and feeds from my hand.

June 2009, Sadly Norman died (literally fell off his perch)

We now have two roosters to replace him


Look at the size of this EGG we got!





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