Crazy English

English is full of inconsistencies

Here are some of them!

1   or is not just pronounced as in 'or' in English English, American English has become a little more consistent here

there are FOUR ways to pronounce 'or'!! (actually I think there might even be a fifth! - just can't remember it off hand!)

 "or" word                                       same vowel sound words

or, for,form, torn,                               walk, talk, lawn, awl, spawn, flaw, fawn, thought
work, world, worm                               shirk, sir, fir, myrrh, deter, refer, blur, slur, cur, nerd, err
foreign, sporran, tomorrow, origin         fox, stop, drop, mop, of, Tom, blonde, strong, long
thorough, borough,                                 love, dove, month, oven,

2  How about the "ough" spelling??

It was hard enough to think that rough thought through thoroughly

rough, enough, tough                bluff, stuff
through                                    threw
thought                                        sort, short, taught
thorough, borough                             Viagra, genre, chakra, amber


I like this one:     You are, I am she is   in Chinese, its all just one word: "shi"

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