The Farmhouse

1 Selwyn Lake Road, Irwell,
RD 3
Leeston 7683

(postal address is 11, physical address is 1)

Tel: +64 3 329 1068


Flatmates or boarders Wanted  

We are currently looking for            , easy going, openminded, reasonably quiet, flatmates to share our country abode.

  • Prefer to share cooking - we usually all eat together at the big dining room table

  • Kitty runs at $60 per week per person, (record kept on a shared google spreadsheet) includes body wash, toothpaste, and food

  • 3 rooms,    1) $135 + expenses 
                      2) $135 + expenses
                      3) $110 + expenses
    (all three $10 cheaper per week, for Automatic Payments)

  • expenses are currently running at $30 per week, per person for cooking gas bottle, power, telephone, and internet. 

  • Or you could take the boarding option of $240/week where you don't have to worry about cooking, or cleaning, We'll even do your laundry (although we would draw the line at ironing your underwear).  Note this would not preclude you from cooking should you wish to have a go occasionally, again the boarding rate would be $10/week cheaper when paid with auto payments.

  • Dining Room fire place has a wetback 

  • We have had 3 Daikin heat pumps installed

  • "High Speed" Internet (with wireless or cable) download speed up to 2.5 MB/s from, cabled to each room

  • 2 living areas available to you (lounge and dining room)

  • Free to Air TV (no one except Andrew seems to want SKY)

  • We have a pool and tennis court as well, plus fishing literally at the back door - seen a lot of seriously big trout cruising around there (we are located next to The Selwyn River) But they're really hard to catch  :-/

  • There's also an orchard there with an abundance of pears, apples and plums over the summer,

  • implement shed for car parking,

  • breadmaker

  • big laundry

  • Polished wooden floors (carpeted bedrooms, except the wee one)

  • ride on lawnmower and 2 dingies

  • we have chooks too so there are plenty of semi-free range eggs (they're in a huge aviary - and get lawnclippings from mowing and household scraps too of course) about 19 per day at present.

  • Andrew regularly goes collecting trailer loads of firewood from a neighbour's farm, so there's always plenty to burn (and chop - you can cancel your gym membership if you live here! :-p)

  • less than 10 minute's drive to Lincoln Uni (13.5km)

  • Previous Flatmates' Testimonials

scroll down to see photos of the place

Note this is a gay friendly house

Call Andrew or Yi-Ming on 329 1068
(afternoons and evenings is better - cheers :-)


From 2007 Oct Flowers






summer 2007

night view



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New Bathroom and bedroom $135 + expenses.  Currently unavailable



The Blue Room (now the lavender room!) ($125 per week + expenses) currently available




The yellow room (renovated: relined, soundproofed and insulated in April 2009) $135 + expenses Currently available

yellow room from door may 2013 yellow from window to door may 2013

yellow from desk may 2013

yellow wardrobe doors



The wee room   $110 per week + expenses

currently available


Wee Room from Doorway Wee room from Doorway 2
Wee Room from Bed

Kitchen Dining






Kitchen Dining

Its Snowing!



The Map


Fire Baths

hotwater  Firebaths


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About us            

Yi-Ming 55, Taiwanese, Kiwi, sculptor, blueberry farm owner :
Andrew 55, Kiwi, blueberry farm owner and a little IT, blueberries
Craig 52, Kiwi, Spraystore Staff
Akio 46, Japanese/Chinese, Caregiver
Jacques 66, French foodie, fisherman, forager

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