OF Drug Runners


A lot of people have thought long and hard on this one


My conclusion is:  “wake up and smell the stench of death that’s right at our doorstep”  We are human beings, and though we want to pride ourselves with our “humanity” and “civilisation”, “grace” etc we have to face up to the fact that we “descended” from animals (with emphasis on the word “Descended” I might add)


We are limited animals with limited ability to reason, either due to a real deficit in brain power or just plain laziness.  I would have thought that first time offenders might get a more lenient sentence, but then that would be just wishful thinking.


I think the Indonesian's handling of their 9 drug offenders has been a lot better than the Singaporean's


The thing that is really going to get up a lot of peoples noses is that it’s quite likely his death will be one of the last…. But that because of Singaporean Government's “face”, can't turn around on that “policy” until there’s no one in the firing (hanging) line.


I wonder if he hadn’t been so cute whether he’d have had the same coverage.


Which brings me to another point:  Much has been made of his serene attitude to all this and I suspect that he may have felt he was in a win-win situation.  For whatever reason he may have wanted to end his own life, but not wanting to do it at his own hand and thus cause his family endless self blame along with the grief that they will suffer anyway, he chose to take the gamble.  If he failed to get caught then his brother can get out of debt.


We have to excuse the Singaporeans as they, like the Shanghainese, though they pride themselves in their modern cities with endless new phallic skyscrapers, their actual societies are very old fashioned and so they find it easy to justify capital punishment as they are still in the frame of mind of people’s 20 and 30 years ago.  (Obviously there are exceptions to this, some of my friends are from S'pore and Shanghai.... and sadly, these places not being democracies they therefore have little say in policy re: capital punishment)


I would go so far as to say another quite insular society would have similar views – the southern states of the USA are still pretty tied up with their conservative Christian ideals ... and they are (?) a democracy!


One would hope that the human race would strive to develop societies that are humane and decent, no longer needful of the buzz or escape provided them by drug taking, able to accept difference as dictated by every individual’s unique genetic makeup, but it seems we are taking a lot of wrong turns on the way


It strikes me as odd that Christians, though they pride them-selves as “being above animals,” they can still justify the use of incredibly primeval methods to hand out justice! 


Again I have to say “Face up to it Andrew – the human race is going nowhere pretty fast - you might as well get used to it!”


We still have a long way to go before we can attain the lofty ideals of human behaviour as set out in the Bible (and Koran too I guess)…. Or is that the root of our problems?  (Its in the Bible)


Here’s a thought: If you were delegated to represent the people of this world (human race) in an interstellar meeting of this galaxy, would you feel proud?


I guess it would stand to reason that any other planet would have its own crop of Darwinistically induced problems – yeah its not just survival of the fittest, healthiest and most beautiful but also the meanest, nastiest, most cunning, dupliticous and diabolical that help contribute to our lot today


Have a nice day  J