Trip to China

December 19, 2001 to January 14, 2002

The Plan:

December 19 fly Qantas, CH to Auckland, transfer to Cathay Pacific's CX 107 to Hong Kong

Arrive in HK that night and stay at
The Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel
Harbour City, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2113 0088
Fax: +852 2113 0011

HK Friend, Kevin: Tel +852 94645299

The next day, if possible apply for a same day tourist visa into China, if I get it I'll take the Ferry to China that afternoon, otherwise stay another night in HK and take the ferry the next morning

In China, Shen Zhen (bordering with HK, really) I will visit two clients, one of which will have hopefully helped me, as arranged, to get my plane ticket to Nanjing this Friday afternoon.
Mrs Chuang Tel: +8613691719787
Miss LIN tel: +86 755 729 5635

In Nanjing I will meet up with the client who's bank rolling this trip, and join his party for a tour around the south of China for a week!  After which I will leave them for a few days while they go back to Taiwan, then catch up with them about a week later in Kaohsiung, Southern Taiwan.  I hope to catch up with friends in Shanghai, one set of which were the group I took on tour at the start of this year see: Shanghai Trip
Ms Bei ZHANG office Tel:  +8621 5403 6767
Ms Jenny LIN mobile Tel: +86 138 0179 6944

After which I will pass back thru HK and then on to Taiwan.

Until the 14th of January, I'll just cruise around Taiwan, at which time I'll meet up with a student as arranged, and bring her back here to start at High School in Christchurch.
Taiwan phone number: +886 7 380 1287, or +886 7 379 1166

My cell phone will be roaming too, so if you want to call me you can, (021 997798) but its pretty expensive for me to answer! (I have to pay for the portion from NZ to China, HK or Taiwan- you just have to pay the usual to call a cell phone!) If you have your own vodafone phone, why not just text me? or try ICQ, or