Searching The Net

When searching The Internet, you need to use a search engine...... such as the following few examples in the right hand box in the table below:

AltaVista | DirectHit | Excite | | Google | | Internet Keywords 
Kanoodle | LookSmart | Lycos | MetaCatalog | Sprinks by About | Webcrawler

I tend to use Google now as it seems to be the fastest, or you could use Metacrawler in the left hand box of the table above

Metacrawler is something like a search engine coordinator, and I find it very useful when searching The Net.  Searching with a single search engine generally leaves you with a choice of millions, wheras Metacrawler weeds them down to tens or twenties, or even less sometimes

The advantage with Metacrawler is due to the problem of registration.  If a specific site you are looking for has not been registered to the search engine you are searching with, you probably won't find it.  This is where a coordinator that utilises a dozen or so search engines can help to overcome that kind of problem

Good luck!