July August 2008

Selwyn River in Flood

Right out behind our back yard





The river came up to the closest stake - that was at 3:45 am .... about 1 metre from the stop bank top.... my flatmates tell me the stop bank is lower a bit further upstream - up closer to the house there....


My Fly Trap! Nearly lost it.... River must have peaked just below it, well you can see the debris to the left of it!


Just in Case ....



Coes Ford at Midnight


28 July 2008

Our Jetty is somewhere below that seat......



1 August 2008


Turns out they were measuring the flow - "150 Cumecs"


Sunday, 2 days later



Sunday 3 August 2008



December 2006

2006      - O there's the jetty!



Dec 2006



The Farmhouse

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