Are you interested in teaching in Taiwan?

In August of 2001, the father of one of my students, gave me this contract for teaching at his school in Kaohsiung.

A branch of the "Giraffe" chain of schools in Taiwan

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English Teaching Opportunity in Taiwan

Article 1: General Contract

1. Duration: The term of employment is from ________ to ___________ inclusive.

2 Conditions of employment:

 a. A college diploma is required.
b. No open cases Tuberculosis (TB), Venereal Disease (VD), illegal
    diseases, AIDS or pregnancy
c. No criminal records or drug addiction.
d. If on arrival, the above conditions are not fulfilled, Party B will be
    unemployable and shall be liable for all expenses incurred

3.Teaching Schedule:

Including teaching at our language school, Kindergarten school and the primary schools, the total number of hours can be expected to total about 40 to 43 hours a week.  There is some travel time between schools.

4.  The teacher cannot verbally abuse the students give any corporal punishment.  If you need help with disciplining a student/students, please don’t hesitate to ask one of the Taiwanese teachers to assist you.

5.  To build good relationships, please be courteous to all colleagues and parents.

6.  No smoking and/or drunkenness at school.

7.  Please dress neatly and conservatively at school

8.  The cellular phone is to be maintained in good condition.  The employee is responsible for all maintenance and/or repairs.  If the cellular phone is lost, stolen or destroyed, the employee is required to replace it. The replacement is to be the same style, make, age, condition and value as the original. The employee is responsible for all call costs.

9. The employee cannot work for anybody else without the employer’s permission.

Article 2: Salary

1. The employee will be paid each calendar month on the 15th day of the following month.  If it is a holiday, the salary will be paid on the next working day.

2  Basic salary: NT $40,000 per month

3. Overtime Compensation: NT $300 per hour

4. Tax:  according to Taiwan law, working days within the 183 days of employment will be taxed at 20%, after the first 183 days, the tax rate will be 6%. The employer will deduct (2000/month) from the basic salary as a tax deposit

5. Completion bonus: in order to encourage the employee to fulfill this agreement loyally, the employer will pay a bonus of NT $20000 on the completion of this contract

Article 3: Fare of Air Ticket

1 Purchasing his/her own air ticket

Article 4: Attention subjects to Employee

1 Since teaching in Taiwan is a highly regarded job, please respect yourself and others refrain from engaging in any activities which will interfere with your duties

2 The teacher is required to accept all relevant training provided by the employer

3 The teacher should prepare a lesson plan before each class and arrive at school at least 10 minutes early to discuss the plan with the head teacher

4 Please speak English slowly so students can understand more easily.

Article 5: Attention to Employer

1 Cellular phone:
a. The employer will provide a cellular phone and number free of
b The employer will pay all start up costs only

2. Working visa.  The employer will provide a working visa and the employee be responsible for the related charges

3 Health insurance

4 The employer will offer an apartment for the teacher.  He/she can have a room with a bed, desk, chairs, wardrobe and fan. There is a kitchen which is available for you to use and also a fridge in the apartment.

Article 6: holidays

1 General holidays: Under Taiwanese law, they are:
 a Sunday
b National Holidays

2 Graduation, Christmas and other activities: Most schools in Taiwan have a graduation ceremony, Christmas party and/or other special activity which may fall on one of the holidays mentioned above.  If the employee is required to attend any of these activities, then he/she will be compensated NT$300 per hour or granted one working day off.

3 Sick leave
 a. If more than two days, a doctor’s certificate is required
 b. No more than three days month
c. One half-day salary will be deducted for each one sick leave.
d. If more than seven days but not longer than one month, the
     employee will be without pay.