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Turn off your old direct debit authorities!!!

After over 12 months of closing my account (Broad Band internet in Auckland) with Woosh Wireless Ltd, they suddenly, out of the blue, help themselves to my account!! (see the box below).  I had to give them TWO MONTHS notice before I could close the account so in November of 2003 I sent them the email and the account was duly closed.  I dealt with a man called Parrish Green.


This is a detailed view of a selected transaction from your Business Transact account 03 0767 0401248 000

Date 11 Feb 2005
Other party name Woosh Wireless Limit
Debit $759.30
Details Woosh 502900 Wireless


If I hadn't closed my account, why then were direct debits not made monthly from January 2004, as when I was an active account holder?

I rang my bank and asked them to read me a list of the direct debit authorites I have attached to my account and I discovered that there were ten!  Including 2 old Genesis power ones, one from my shop for the eftpos service (I closed that years ago) and one for the security company that serviced my shop too!...

Of course I rang Woosh too, but of course they did their little transaction on Friday night and the (probably overworked) accounts staff will not be on deck until Monday!

So while the bank was particularly non proactive in turning these off or suspending them (after a certain period of inactivity) - I guess its too hard for them to know, they (Sharon at Wellington office), at least on my asking, put a "dishonour"  onto that payment; meaning I should get the money back in two working days less the $25 dollar dishonour fee.  So now I should bill Woosh Wireless $25, I think that's fair enough, don't you?