Gift Ideas for Andrew (last updated: 28 October 2006)

Things I would like to receive on the next gift giving occassion

People always seem to think "I'm impossible to buy for" - I don't think I have any problem at all!

My birthday is on December the 15th (I was born in 1963)

Further inspiration can be found here: Gifts 4 Men


Things I would like to have:          

one of those pump things to keep the fizz

   in the fizzy-drink bottle

glass top for the coffee table 59 x 99.8 (rounded corners 1.5 cm)

Mosquito Catcher! (does sandflies as well)

formal socks for work are always good

a work shirt


indoor out-door thermometer 


movie passes

CD Vouchers

Dusty Springfield's greatest hits, I think it is - the disc is green, the 2nd song is "Son of a Preacher Man" the cover is a black and white photo of her. I had this album but lent it to a friend, who lent it to someone else, and now its lost :-(

Police radar detector

cool T- Shirts (larger is better)

speedo swimming togs (size 18) any colour

Car sunvisor sunglasses clip holder thingy

Battery charger and rechargeable  AA and AAA batteries

chocolates are nice

Warehouse gift vouchers would be acceptable

tow rope, tool box, fire extinguisher and shovel for my surf

homebased bio-diesel refinery



Things I dont need:

can opener

salad servers

fruit bowl


hole punch (leather or paper)

Cigarettes (tho' I can pass these on to lots of people)

fancy pens

gardening gloves

cordless mouse and keyboard