Purchased 19 February 2005


my new toy   latest pics at top........


Toyota Hilux Surf  SSR X 3.0  LIMITED   Diesel Turbo  Automatic 1994

76000 km  $14000   (Didn't trade the Skyline - was only offered $2500 for it!  So might try and sell it later on Trademe)


12 September 2006

new tyres, tinted windows....

South Island Trip Apr 21 to Apr 24, 2006



South Island Trip Feb 20 to 25, 2006

Rees Valley



Watch out!!!!


Earnslaw Burn



Dart Valley

  Meyer Pass





At the beach (South of the Waimak River Mouth, north of Spencer Park)  


28 January 2006    


22 January 2006    











Goldrush!  17 - 22nd March 2005 



The place I got stuck!! (Lindis River at Tarras)

got out eventually after lots of too-ing and fro-ing!



Hi Boys

Just wanted to say thanks for the chance to see/enjoy an awesome trip!!

My head was spinning a bit over it yesterday and a little today still too!!

Updated the surf page: http://www.andrewboyd.co.nz/surf.htm

the goldrush site has some really nice 2005 pics too!


see ya!



Yeh it was great. Most thanks owing to you from us though.

I am also spinning, but for a different reason … I am aware that I still have your goldtops somewhere. It should be that I am concerned that you are without them, but it is not. I am worried that people may see them in my house, and I will lose the adventure man image that I am working hard to create, and slip back in their minds to corpo stiff status. I am therefore desparately trying to find them … and please do not mention that you lent them to me, if someone notices you haven’t worn them for a while.



PS. Good photos of the SURF with adventure accessories


Now that's a REAL shine!



Hakataramea Pass  27 April 2005

(that's Mt Cook!)