The Speeding Ticket



30 January 2003



Andrew Boyd

8 Welland Place





Police Infringement Bureau

PO Box 6641




Dear Sir Madam



Recently my friend, from Christchurch came to stay with me in Auckland.  My boss kindly offered me the use of one of his three four-wheel drive vehicles while my friend used my car.


Unfortunately, as his car had been parked up at the panel beaters for half a year or so, (due to insurance complications) the warrant had expired.  He had not noticed this as he had not been driving the vehicle, he had just driven it home from the panel beater’s (last Christmas) and had it parked up in his garage, as I mentioned, he has three of these vehicles.


On the morning of the 21st of January, as I had just turned from Speedy Crescent into Glenfield Road, I had the vehicle in 3rd gear and made a mental note: “Don’t put it into 4th gear Andrew, you’ll get a speeding ticket!”  Telling myself not to be so silly, I put it into fourth gear, proceeded down the slope, through the roundabout up the other side and got a speeding ticket. 


My friend suggested I blame the car, but was a little disappointed with myself to say the least!  I was even more disappointed with my boss for lending me a car without a warrant!! 


Being much more observant, Constable Smith picked up this infringement straight away and pointed it out to me.


The reason for this letter is to ask that since the car was parked up both at the panel beater’s and at my boss’s place, it has only been driven a few weeks, if that, since he got it back..


It was suggested that since there is about 30 days “lee way” after the date of expiry, that under the circumstances, I may be able to be let off this indiscretion.


My boss and I both hope that you may be able to let us off this time… I guess it would be too much to ask to be let off the speeding ticket as well?


Thank you very much for your consideration in this matter.



Yours faithfully





Andrew Boyd  

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